R.E.D.S. Philosophy

We believe that young children learn best in a loving, Christian environment.  Our goal is to create a developmentally appropriate learning program by using hands-on materials and equipment, which we believe encourages active learning, and develops the imaginations and independent thinking skills of young children.


Our classrooms are arranged in learning centers with children choosing different centers where they work, play and most importantly socialize!  Teachers move to each center to work with small groups of children in the areas of art, math, language arts, science, block-building, and imaginative play.


In working with young children, we have discovered that some of the most important skills they need to know for Kindergarten are independent behavior, self-control, sharing and working together in a social atmosphere, listening, and following multiple directions.  All of our age levels address these skills at the appropriate level for each age group as well as for each individual child.


Learning self-control is an important behavior for children to acquire before going to Kindergarten.  Learning centers encourage good behaviors in children by naturally creating physical boundaries in the classroom which discourage many inappropriate behaviors.  If a situation arises in which a teacher has to work with an individual child 

on an inappropriate behavior, she would first talk with the child about the situation, and help him/her arrive at a solution.  If the same behavior continues, she would then re-direct the child to another center.  The “time out” or “thinking chair” is used only in the 

case of a child being aggressive towards another child.


Another very important part of our program includes weekly chapels. The whole school joins together in the sanctuary for a short Christian based service which includes a Bible story and some songs.  Father Robert, Rector of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, leads our children's chapels.


Each class also has the opportunity to participate in Music & Movement twice each month which is a fun 30 minutes of singing and finger plays, along with movement, while listening to children’s songs.  The purpose of the class is to instill a love of music and movement, while teaching gross motor skills and coordination.

Pre-Kindergarten Philosophy

REDS offers 4-day as well as 5-day Pre-Kindergarten classes for our four and five-year-old children.  Statistics show that the older a child is in chronological years, the more successful he will be in Kindergarten. Some younger five year old children may not be ready for the academic and emotional challenges of many of the present day Kindergarten programs.


In order to prepare children for Kindergarten, REDS plans continues the 

developmentally appropriate hands-on program already in place, and  enhances this with many extra pre-reading and pre-math skills.

We build on our current curriculum by exposing the children to many letter recognition and phonemic awareness activities through the use of puzzles, games, journal writing, and other manipulatives.  In circle or group time we encourage active learning by using songs, finger plays, rhyming games, story telling, reading, and many other language arts activities in which the children can participate.  This not only ehances

their listening and direction-following skills, but boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem by encouraging them to become active learners.


Increasing the development of fine motor muscles helps children to be able to comfortably use pencils for writing as they grow more and more skilled.  Using clay, playdough, tweezers, and scissors will naturally develop these small muscles.  


Math skills are encouraged through the use of counting games, bingo games, and shape, size and patterning activities.  We incorporate the teaching of many emerging math skills by utilizing hands on math games and puzzles, block and Lego building, as well as many verbal counting activities.


With the addition of our entertaining and instructional Music & Movement class, the children are developing their large muscles as well as enjoying many different songs and games. 


Added to all of the activities previously mentioned, we also include on a regular basis:  cooking projects, field trips, special interest groups who come to our preschool to entertain the children and a wide use of many parent volunteers who truly enhance our program.

Our staff at REDS is a highly trained and dedicated group who are willing to work hard to maintain one of the best programs in our community.  We believe that we have developed a preschool that will grow with your children developmentally as well as academically.

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